1. Monoka Lake, Greenville, Michigan. December, 2011.

  2. Greenville, Michigan, December 2011.

  3. Decorations in a tree for Halloween in San Francisco, October 2012.

  4. Decorations in the flower pots for Halloween in San Francisco, October 2012. 

  5. Halloween in San Francisco, 2012. The SF Giants had just won the World Series. The color schemes just happened to be in perfect synchronicity.

  6. Painted easter eggs, April 2012.

  7. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the Presidio, San Francisco. From January, 2013.

  8. Almost solstice! About time to switch from fall to winter pictures, I figure. Greenville, Michigan, from 2011.

  9. Don’t you just want to run through those leaves? More autumnal shots from Michigan. Greenville, October, 2012.

  10. Where a house used to be. Greenville, Michigan, October, 2012.